Tue 15.09.2020.

OPEN Gateway OPEN PLATFORM - Information: Platform communication instabillity

Please see below message following the September 11 processing status instability.

At approximately 7:00 p.m. UTC on September 11, 2020, OPEN platform began experiencing externally-originating internet traffic attempting to impact the performance of the Payments Gateway. This distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) traffic was identified by our incident response teams and was quickly addressed via a combination of reactive and preventative measures. These measures included the real-time addition of blocking rules into our intrusion prevention systems and the implementation of our third-party data scrubbing services.

The attempted attacks against the Payments Gateway included multiple attack vectors over several hours. Our incident management team partnered with appropriate internal teams and third parties to address these attack waves which at times, were very complex. As additional attacks were experienced throughout the night and early morning, we implemented additional controls to harden the application and supporting environment.

As you may be aware, DDoS attacks can be complex, and techniques used by attackers vary greatly. We have enhanced our strategy and response capabilities to dynamically respond to these events as they occur.

As with any event of this nature, our teams are highly focused on ensuring the protection of customer data. Investigations into this event have identified no evidence that customer data has been compromised in any way and that no AllSecure systems have been accessed in an unauthorized manner. All impacts from these events have been performance-related with no data-associated implications. Stated differently and for clarity, we have absolutely no reason to believe that customer data of any type (sensitive or otherwise) has been impacted by these attacks. This is not a security, GDPR, or data compromise situation. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of temporary performance impacts to the OPEN Payments Gateway.