Sun 30.08.2020.

OPEN Gateway Resolved - OPEN PLATFORM - eCommerce Transaction Processing

AllSecure services are back to normal. As a summary for the issue:

Today at approximately 10:02 AM UTC, Global Internet Service Provider Centurylink encountered a large issue interrupting internet services globally and impacted multiple businesses and entities across the globe.

AllSecure immediately responded and failed our connections to alternate ISP services. This action mitigated a vast majority of impacted services to AllSecure customers.

However, do to the global nature of this Centurylink issue, there are other connections between AllSecure customers, processors and acquirers that AllSecure does not have direct management or control over.

In those cases, the other parties either had to fail their services away from Centurylink the same as AllSecure or wait until Centurylink solved the problem.

At 14:26 UTC, Centurylink advised they had isolated root cause and begun applying a fix. At that time some of the 3rd party communications that AllSecure does not control started to recover.

AllSecure remains on station with all technical teams and will remain on our alternate ISP services away from Centurylink until further notice.