Tue 21.06.2022.

EXCHANGE Gateway EXCHANGE PLATFORM - Difficulties in work

Our team is currently investigating a service impacting issue with our Upstream Provider Cloudflare. Cloudflare is currently experiencing a major outage.

This incident affects: Transaction Processing, Credit card Processing, 3D-Secure Engine, Hosted Payment Pages, BI Data Source and Web Interfaces (Admin UI, Dashboards, API Documentation).

Update 10:27 CET: Cloudflare has declared this incident as resolved as of 10:06 CET. We have shifted connectivity back behind Cloudflare and traffic continues to be stable. We will continue to monitor the transaction health closely and with this update confirm this incident as resolved.

Update 09:41 CET: Disengagement from Cloudflare has been completed and connectivity has been restored for all clients. We continue to monitor the situation.

Update 09:24 CET: We are in the midst of disengaging from cloudflare in order to restore connectivity for all clients.

Update 09:11 CET: Cloudflare identified the issue and is working on implementing a fix. Our global service monitoring is already reporting partial recovery of the situation.