Tue 04.05.2021.

EXCHANGE Gateway Fixed: Exchange Vault - Transaction Timeouts

Problem has been resolved at 16:00 UTC!

During this event, two decoupled systems, the AllSecure Gateway and the Allsecure Vault ended up with a de-synchronized transaction state, as transactions were technically processed with acquirers and payment processors, but the transaction state could not be confirmed back to our Gateway transaction database.

Our Transaction API and postback notifications returned a "Network Error: 3001 Timeout" for all of the affected transactions. This only affected transactions of type debit.

Our team has been working on priority to reconcile the correct transaction state in our databases and to provide our APIs with the corrected data.

We are currently resending postback requests for successfully reconciled transactions to sync your systems, additionally our Status API is already providing the correct transaction status.

• Successfully processed transaction states are already updated. • The correct reasons for the failed transactions will be updated later, but within the next few hours.

Please note that as per our API documentation, client systems must be prepared for the a transaction status change from a failed to successful state.

Your system should be prepared to handle multiple notifications on the same transaction.


We apologise for this incidents and assuring you that new improved procedures are in place that should prevent incidents such as this one to occur again.